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Troubleshooting For A Malfunctioning Clothes Dryer

Are you planning to purchase a new clothes dryer due to yours being problematic? Depending on what the nature of the problem is, you might only need to invest in a new part. The most ideal way to get to the bottom of the problem is via an inspection done by a professional. Take a look at this article to discover some of the possible things that can be wrong.

Why Does the Dryer Not Spin Fast Anymore?

One of the most common causes for a dryer to stop spinning fast is a problematic drive motor. The drive motor is needed because it powers up the drum so it can turn inside of a belt. It is possible that the drive motor is unable to provide a sufficient amount of power, which means that it is likely worn out from normal wear and tear. You don't want to continue operating your dryer if the drive motor is in bad shape, as it can begin to overheat. Simply get the motor replaced and it should fix the problem.

What Causes Heating Problems for a Dryer?

There are a few parts inside a dryer that can cause heating problems, but it depends on the specific model that you have. A lack of proper airflow is one of the things that can cause heating problems. For instance, it is possible that there is a malfunctioning thermostat that needs to be repaired or replaced. A damaged drum or ignitor system can also cause heating problems.

Why Does the Dryer Keep Spinning After Opening the Door?

When the drum in a dryer continues to spin after the door has been opened, it is usually an easy repair. There is a switch on the door that might have bad wiring, which can be repaired by a contractor. It is also possible that he contractor will need to replace the switch altogether.

How Much Will an Appliance Contractor Charge?

The nature of the problem being repaired will play a role in how much you are charged by an appliance repair specialist. Small repairs are estimated to cost a minimum of $50. Appliance repairs can cost over $300 on the higher end of the scale. It is wise to get the opinion of a specialist before paying for a repair, as he or she might recommend replacing the dryer instead. Talk to a contractor about your problematic clothes dryer as soon as you are ready.