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Repairs That Could Be Needed When Your Garbage Disposal Won't Work

If you use your garbage disposal every day, you might run into problems with clogs and other issues occasionally. Once your disposal is old and worn out, replacing it might be a better option than making repairs. However, if your disposal has years of life left, then calling a garbage disposal repair service is worth it. Here are some repairs your disposal might need.

Restore Power To The Unit

Before you call a garbage disposal repair service, make a quick check that the disposal has power. Check that it's plugged in, and if so, push the reset button. After that, try working the disposal again. If the disposal is on its own circuit, check the electrical panel to see if the breaker tripped off. If so, reset it. If the disposal doesn't start after that, call a repair service for help. There may be a wiring or electrical issue that needs repairs.

Unclog The Disposal

If you hear noises coming from the disposal when you turn it on, you know it has power. If the disposal doesn't work, it might have a clog. The repair person will unplug the unit, and then they might try looking inside with a flashlight. There might be a utensil stuck in the disposal that prevents it from spinning. If an object is the problem, the repair person can reach in with tongs or another tool and pull out the object.

Sometimes clogs aren't so easy to work loose. Bits of hard food can get stuck where they can't be seen. The repair person might try to wiggle the clog loose by using a wrench on the bottom that turns the impeller blades back and forth. They can also try moving the impeller through the top with a wrench. This can dislodge the clog so it gets ground up enough to be forced through the drain by running water.

Unclog The Drain

Don't forget about the possibility of a clogged drain. The drain on your garbage disposal can get clogged, just like any other drain in your home. You might need to do some vigorous plumbing to clear the drain or use a snake to work a clog loose.

Your garbage disposal can develop other problems that keep it from working, such as a burned-out motor. If that's the case with your disposal, the repair technician might recommend getting a new unit. Replacing parts such as seals that are leaking is a fairly easy and simple job, but when it comes to the motor that powers the unit, repairs might not be possible.

Reach out to a local garbage disposal repair service for more information.