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Garbage Disposal Not Working? What You Can Do

When your garbage disposal stops working, it may cause an issue such as a change in routine, or a little extra work that you may have to do when cleaning up or doing other things. The garbage disposal breaks up the food scrap leftovers you put into the sink as you are doing the dishes, so you don't have to scrape plates. It's a time saver and can help make things easier on you. If you have a garbage disposal and you use it often, you may encounter a problem or two after time. If you have issues with your disposal not working, read on for a few things you may be able to do to get it working again.

Remove Clogs

You could have clogs in your disposal that are causing it to not work properly. If there is a clog in the disposal, you should turn off the power to the disposal from the fuse box, or unplug it completely from the wall if it isn't hard-wired in. Reach into the disposal and remove the clog. If you do not turn off the power all the way, you could end up injured if the motor starts up again while your hand is inside. Remove the clog and turn the power back on, then test it to see if it's working again. A clog further in the drain may require more work on your part, you may not be able to reach it with your hand and may need to use a snake or a clog-clearing solution to remove the clog.

Test For Power

If you can't hear it turning on at all, you may not have power. Test the power to the unit and check the fuse to be sure it's turned on. If you don't have any power to the unit, there may be an issue with the motor itself. The entire disposal may need to be replaced, as the cost to replace a motor may be more than just replacing the entire unit itself. Contact a professional appliance repairman to have the system replaced altogether. You want to be sure it is installed correctly and that this was the actual issue before replacing the unit.

If you have issues with your disposal, you need to be sure you are using it correctly and not putting anything into it that you shouldn't. If you have issues with your disposal, hire a professional disposal repair technician for help.