Keep Things Chilled: 3 Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Strong

When it comes to your kitchen appliances, your refrigerator is one of your biggest investments. Because of that, you want to help it last as long as possible. To do that, you need to take good care of it. With proper care, your refrigerator should last about 14 years. Here are three steps you can take to keep your refrigerator running strong. Clean the Door Seals You might not realize this, but the white gasket around your refrigerator door is one of the most important parts of your refrigerators cooling system.

Troubleshooting For A Malfunctioning Clothes Dryer

Are you planning to purchase a new clothes dryer due to yours being problematic? Depending on what the nature of the problem is, you might only need to invest in a new part. The most ideal way to get to the bottom of the problem is via an inspection done by a professional. Take a look at this article to discover some of the possible things that can be wrong.

Four Reasons To Choose Ventless HVAC Units For Your Apartment Units

If you have just purchased a set of apartments and you are performing renovations, you may be looking for ways to enhance the interiors to bring in more rent. The first thing that you may need to do is change up some of the basics inside of the apartments. One of the first systems that you should install inside of an apartment complex is the HVAC system. Here are four reasons why you should install a ventless HVAC system for your apartment units.

Smart Tips For Keeping Your Stove Shiny & New

Your stovetop is probably one of the most frustrating appliances in your home. When it's new, it looks absolutely beautiful. Within a week, you have tons of old food cooked to it and everything looks grimy. The good news is, you don't have to live with having a filthy stove top. There are some amazing tips and tricks to keeping it clean so it looks like new every day. Avoid the Grime

Removing An Old Central Air Conditioner: Steps You Can Do Before The Technician Arrives

Most homeowners prefer to have an HVAC contractor remove an old central air unit. However, if you would like to save some money on labor costs, you can remove parts of the old unit yourself. Here are some steps you can safely complete without needing an HVAC education or license. 1. Cut the Power and Pull the Fuses There is always a circuit breaker that controls the "on" switch to the air conditioner.

Prevent Future Issues With Your Dryer By Replacing Your Outdoor Vent Hood

While there are a variety of problems that your dryer can experience, a common occurrence is related to a failure of the dryer vent hood outside your home. When this cover gets damaged—perhaps becoming cracked and brittle due to the weather—critters such as squirrels, mice, and chipmunks can get inside the vent. These pests then make nests that impede the flow of air and possibly cause your dryer to overheat or, worse, result in a fire.

How To Clean A Washing Machine That Smells Or Leaves Black Spots On Clothing

Washing machines are designed to clean so it is easy to forget that the interior of the machine tub itself needs periodic cleanings beyond what the wash cycle provides. If your washing machine tub starts to smell musty or your "cleaned" clothes come out with black spots with no apparent cause, you might need to clean the inside of the machine. Cleaning a washing machine that smells or leaves black spots on clothing is relatively easy.

3 Places to Check If Your Dishwasher Is Leaving Dishes with a Film

Dishwasher detergents and boosting agents often boast a dishwasher's ability to leave your dishes and glassware spot free and crystal clear. But problems in the dishwasher or within your home's water system can leave you with filmy dishes despite your best efforts. If you know that your home doesn't have hard water that could pump a lot of minerals out of any faucet in your home, there are a few other potential causes of filmy dishes.

3 Potential Causes Of Moisture In And Around Your AC Unit

Have you recently noticed signs of moisture inside or around your air conditioner unit's outdoor condensing unit or indoor air handler? The signs of moisture can be signs of normal operation, weather conditions, or of a major problem that needs attention from an appliance repairs service. Determining the root of the problem involves examining the likely source of the moisture. Here are three potential causes of moisture in and around your central air conditioning system.

How To Decide If Repairing Or Replacing Your Washing Machine Is Right For You

Is your washing machine on its last legs? Are you considering buying a new washing machine to replace it? With some appliances, like washing machines, people will sometimes buy a new one even if it's not strictly necessary. They don't realize that fixing the washing machine is also a viable option for their situation. If you're not sure that washing machine repair is right for you, here are some factors that will help you decide.